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Spring is just around the corner. To celebrate the returning of our bird friends, we made this DIY bird seed container to store and keep our bird seed.

Flowers are one of the more classic ways to show love. Whether your single or in a relationship, sometimes it's nice to show love to someone (even yourself) with flowers.

We are excited to showcase our latest lamp makeover and New Year's project! There is always another way to benefit from shining new light on an old lamp.

We are on round two of our handmade Christmas with DIY decorations with our Picture Frame Wreath and Hand-Swirled Ornaments.

Christmas time can be expensive but with these homemade Christmas decorations made with materials around the house, you can be festive even on a budget.

How to make your own vintage fall decorations with Amy Howard at Home Products


Learn how to take a simple retro office chair and restore it's purpose with paint and brush!