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How to Repair a Saggy Seat Cushion

Have a cushioned chair that needs a bit of a boost? Check out this video for a basic view of how to add webbing and tighten the seat springs.

How to Make Fall Decorations with Chalk-Based Paint

Fall is just around the corner, are you ready?!
With some paper decorations and just a bit of paint, you can get your any area in your home ready for fall activities!

Use High Performance Spray Lacquer to create a Marbled Silver Lamp

Do you have an old lamp that just doesn’t fit in with the look of your home anymore? Or maybe you found a thrifty lamp, but it doesn’t match your home decor? With this tutorial, you can turn any lamp into a conversation piece and brighten your home.

How to Rewire a Lamp

Have an old lamp that doesn’t work? Don’t throw it out, just replace the lamp kit and make it new again!

Want to use these skills to refinish a lamp? Check out this blog post.

How to Use Light and Dark Furniture Wax

Apply the finishing coat of furniture wax might seem complicated, but this video will show you just how easy it is to apply.

Want to learn more about the different wax finishes? Check out our blog post about wax finishes.

Want to use these skills to make your own vintage fall decorations? See our post here.


Retro Office Chair DIY Blog Post Promo

Get the our latest tips and tricks for how to breathe new life into your old vinyl office chair. Find the full tutorial at here.