Five Benefits of Handmade Gifts

A Complete Christmas

In our family, handmade gifts are what make Christmas complete. We might be slightly biased, but to prove our case, we came up with this list of five reasons we think you should strive to make homemade gifts a part of your holiday routine.

You might be thinking what in the world, how can I make time during the holiday season to actually sit down and make all these gifts?

Finding the perfect gift always takes time. Making homemade gifts or buying them from someone else does require a little extra time and planning, but it’s all about simplicity. For co-workers or any other large group, it’s about finding the right gift to make in bulk. Our hand-swirled ornaments are a quick and easy DIY gift for a large group. We made about 25 ornaments in just about 20 minutes.  For family members it’s not always easy, but homemade gifts are always more thoughtful and personal.

Why? Well, let’s see.Five Benefits of Handmade Gifts

One. Handmade Gifts Are Built to Last.

Artists handpick the items used in their products. They pick the highest quality because they take pride in their work. Manufacturers and retail are counting on your product breaking sooner rather than later, so you come in to buy the product again or upgrade.

Two. Endless Opportunities.

Usually with handmade items, you’re talking directly the creator, so you can choose whatever color, size or design. You can gift something unique, one-of-a-kind, instead of the ‘only one the store had left.’ Don’t be that person. Get the perfect gift.

Three. Environmentally-Friendly.

Instead of being produced in a factory half way around the world, you’re buying a locally-made product made with very little pollution.

Four. Avoid the Crowds.

Seriously, this should have you sold. Going to the store, pushing the cart through waves of people, dragging your kiddos behind you trying to keep them from running down the candy aisle? Never mind the point where you actually make it to the checkout counter after waiting for hours and you realize you forgot a gift for your 5th cousin. Why do that when you can go to markets, craft fairs and boutiques? Seriously. Why do that when you can make your own gifts with things from your house. It’s like a treasure hunt and your gifting the treasure to someone else. What could be better?

Five. Complimentary Gift Wrap.

Sometimes it’s not free, but having your gift already gift wrapped comes in handy when it comes to the hustle and bustle of the season.

So all in all these are our favorite reasons why handmade gifts find a special place in our hearts. We hope to share this passion with others during this special season.

Happy Holidays from Curbside Overhaul!

Five Benefits of Handmade Gifts






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