New Year Resolutions for the DIYer

It’s that time of the year again, the time to make New Year Resolutions. We tend to look at our New Year resolutions as goals. What do we want to accomplish by the end of the year? Answering that question helps us come up with our resolutions for the year.

New Year resolutions are overwhelming at first, so we broke up them into one every month. These activities aren’t specific to carpenters or builders. They can apply to anyone who likes to make something new and expand their skill set.

It's that time of the year again where we reflect on our past year and make goals for the next year. See our ideas for DIY new year resolutions.

January Resolutions – Get Organized!

First things first- it’s time to organize your supply closets, ribbon box, tool box, and garage. Having organized work spaces is a key to having a successful year.

Whether you need to build new shelves, donate some of the supplies or tools you don’t use, or simply need to put things away, January is your time to do it! Now that the organization is done, you can work freely without spending tons of time looking for your materials.

February Resolutions – Learn to Use a New Power Tool

Learning a new skill is usually at the top of a DIYers list of new year resolutions and for good reason. Learning a new skill early on in the year is great because the rest of your projects will go much smoother. This past year, we expanded our skill set and learned how to use a scroll saw. It came in handy to make Christmas gifts and ornaments.

Even if you’re not into building or woodworking, there are other machines to learn depending on your skill area. You could learn how to use a sewing machine or cooking machine such as an Instant Pot.

March Resolutions – Fix Something Broken

We all have that home project that’s just gone too far without acknowledgement. Dedicate the March to making sure it gets done. The first week of March is dedicated to research. The next week spend finding and buying materials. The next two weeks should be dedicated to getting the project DONE!

April Resolutions – Make Something Pretty

We’ve dedicate much of our year to those practical resolutions. We need to take some time to appreciate the beautiful things in life and make more of them.

At Curbside Overhaul, we love to make new things, but we also find purpose in the old things. Most of what we find on the curb, in thrift stores or that our friend’s give us still have so much potential. It just takes a little care to uncover it under the dust, scratches and broken pieces.

One of my favorite projects is this retro office chair.

Learn how to take a simple retro office chair and restore it's purpose with paint and brush!

As you can see the chair on the right, is just an unappealing green and silver. But all it takes is a little cleaning, high performance spray lacquer and some chalk-based paint and it’s as good as new.

This is a resolution that doens’t just apply to builders, but any artisan. Crocheters, sewers, bakers, artists, whatever category you fall in this new years resolution is for you.

May Resolutions – Build Something from Scratch

There is nothing like the satisfaction that comes from building something from scratch. This doesn’t have to apply just to people who make furniture. Though some DIYers do this for almost any project, it’s good to be constantly expanding our skills and building something new.

Our most recent project built from scratch was a beehive. It took quite a few months of research, collecting materials and planning before we got started, but the end result was quite satisfying. We have plans to add a blog post on this project, but we’re fine tuning some things before trying again.

June Resolutions – Repurpose Materials You Already Have

No matter your craft, at some point you have probably repurposed materials in some way or another. We love finding new projects from repurposed materials because it allows us to be resourceful, creative and save money. What could be better?

Although most of our projects are repurposed in some way or another, one of our better examples is our set of Christmas decorations made from common materials around the house.

Christmas time can be expensive but with these homemade Christmas decorations made with materials around the house, you can be festive even on a budget.

We use mason jars as as decorative containers or planters, pine cones as table displays, scrap wood as candle sticks and painted some old ornaments to make them new again.

July Resolutions – Finish an Overdue Project

It’s middle of the year and the new year resolutions we made at the beginning seem so very far away. But don’t give up the year is half over and we’ve made tons of progress along the way.

This month it’s time to conquer those projects we’ve been putting off for too long. Maybe we need to put up a new fence, clean out the garage again, fix a hole in our favorite pair of jeans, or clean out the rain gutters. What ever it is, stop procrastinating and get it off your plate. You’ll feel much better when you do!

August Resolutions – Take a Class

School is starting back up for the kids, so why not take a bit of time to learn something new for yourself? We get hung up on the every day tasks and we forget to try new things and keep learning. Local vo-techs, home improvement stores, art centers, even colleges are great resources for learning how to do things.

You can do a full college course or just do a one-time class on the weekend. The options are limitless and so is your potential for learning a new skill.

September Resolutions – Customize

We all have pieces in our homes that we love. What’s so special about them? It might be personalized, color or look we love, but each one is mostly likely tailored to our personal taste. Take some time to look in your environments, home or work, and find something you like and make it yours. Make it into something you love and makes you happy when you see it.

October Resolutions – Try a New Technique

What is your ‘thing?’ The thing that makes you wake up in the morning and you look forward to it all day? Baking cakes? Painting furniture? Wood working? Painting? Sewing? Crocheting? Whatever your craft is, you should always be pushing yourself to do better. This list of new year resolutions isn’t so much about giving you a list of tasks to complete, but to give you ideas and inspire you keep learning and bettering your craft.

The year is coming to an end and you’ve accomplished so much in just a year. Before the year gets too crazy with holidays, just take a little extra time to try one more new thing. Whatever your craft is, try doing something just a little differently. Last year, we tried doing a marbeling technique. We sprayed high performance spray lacquer in water, and dipped in a plastic or glass object like wine bottles or Christmas ornaments. It made a one of a kind look and we’ve been playing with paint in water ever since.

November Resolutions – Repeat

For November, we just want you to relax and enjoy the holidays with your friends and family. If there is one project from the previous months you really enjoyed then feel free to repeat those activities. Take this time to plan for December and start on any Christmas gifts you plan to give.

December Resolutions – Give Handmade Gifts

Every year our new year resolutions for December include making handmade gifts. We love using our skills to custom make gifts for our friends and family. There are so many benefits for handmade gifts. Other than making the world a little more beautiful, we think there is nothing better than sharing our skills to make our loved ones happy.

It's that time of the year again where we reflect on our past year and make goals for the next year. See our ideas for DIY new year resolutions.

New Year Resolutions: Mission Complete

You made it through 12 months of DIY new year resolutions. We hope you feel proud of all that you accomplished and join us again next year for more DIY fun!

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It's that time of the year again where we reflect on our past year and make goals for the next year. See our ideas for DIY new year resolutions.


It's that time of the year again where we reflect on our past year and make goals for the next year. See our ideas for DIY new year resolutions.

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