5 Ways to Use Chalk-Based Paint Outdoors

Projects for Chalk-Based Paint Outdoors

Some product claims turn out to be false, but that’s not the case with using chalk-based paint outdoors. One-Step Paint is part of the Amy Howard at Home furniture paint line, which we use on a regular basis for our indoor furniture projects. Over the past few months, we’ve learned her products work exactly how she claims with no sanding or priming needed.

A few a months ago we did a few projects to test the chalk-based paint outdoors to see how it held up.

The results: we couldn’t be more pleased. Despite this crazy, rainy Oklahoma weather, the chalk-based paint we used outdoors is holding up great. It looks exactly the same as it did when we first put the projects out.

We’re so excited about the results, so we wanted to show you even more ideas to use chalk-based paint outdoors, along with our original idea.

Painting Wicker Furniture with Chalk Paint

For just $32, Jessica from Thirty- Something Mother Runner, painted these super cute wicker chairs.

She used Cartouche Green One-Step Paint and sealed the project with Minwax polycrylic semi-gloss. You can see her full wicker furniture tutorial here.

Jessica at 30 Something Mother Runner used Amy Howard at Home products to re-do her wicker patio furniture.

Stepping Stones

This project was submitted by Christina @ Little Sprouts Learning Garden. Every year she has a Mom’s Night Out gathering of her daycare moms at her house and they have several activities, including a craft. This year, she let her moms decorate these stepping stones with Amy Howard One-Step Paint. Five months later, the paint is still going strong.

Stepping Stones painted with One-Step Paint

Painting Garden Rocks with Kids

This project was also submitted by Christina @ Little Sprouts Learning Garden. She used the left over chalk-based to paint for this project. Her Little Sprouts and she decided to decorated these rocks and put them in the garden. Look at all those cute faces!

We love finding different ways and settings to use Amy Howard at Home products. See some of our favorite projects using Chalk-Based Paint outdoors!

See her full rock painting tutorial here.

Using Chalk-Based Paint is the perfect kids activity.

Updated Patio Furniture

Diva of DIY used Amy Howard One Step Paint in the colors Indian Summer,┬áBallet White, Massey Hill, and Holey Moley to update her patio furniture. She was feeling like we all feel about some piece at some time or another. She felt the patio furniture lacked personality and the patio didn’t bring her much joy. But with a few coats of paint and some Chevron Frog Tape, she was able to bring it back to life.

Learn how to update your tired patio furniture here.

Repurposed Screen Door Garden Trellis

This is one of our favorite projects by far, and the inspiration for this post. We found a beat up wooden screen door in the dumpster. We took it and fixed it up to make the beautiful frame, reinforced with spindles and some 2x4s. After a few coats of Lime-Lime Paint it was ready to go in the garden! After a few months of crazy Oklahoma weather, it’s still holding up great. You can check out our garden trellis tutorial here.

A few months later and our Amy Howard One-Step Paint is still going strong!

We hope you found some inspiration for how to use Amy Howard One-Step Paint in this post. Let us know what you create and we’ll be sure to add it to our Bragging Right’s page!

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We love finding different ways and settings to use Amy Howard at Home products. See some of our favorite projects using Chalk-Based Paint outdoors!









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