What You Need To Know About One-Step Paint

What is One-Step Paint?

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We get questions all the time about One-Step Paint, so we just wanted to take some time to help answer those questions and provide a resource to come back to.  If we get to the end of the post and I missed your question please comment because I would be glad to answer it for you.

One-Step Paint is our favorite chalk-based paint. We want to answer all your questions, so you can also experience the magic of One-Step Paint!

What Makes Chalk-Based Paint Different?

First lets talk about what makes Chalk-Based Paint different.  Chalk Paint is just what the name describes.  Used for centuries, this mixture contains calcium carbonate (chalk) along with a pigment that makes a paint. If you look on Pinterest you will see tutorials for making your own chalk paint.  These usually involve mixing plaster of some sort with an already tinted paint to create the chalk-based paint.  Many people use these, but they contain commercial man made paints, often containing VOCs and methanol.

Why Amy Howard One Step Chalk-Based Paint?

I choose to paint with Amy Howard’s One Step Chalk Based Paint because they produce a beautiful and consistent dead flat finish in a great selection of beautiful colors.  This dead flat finish handles waxes well and along with wax you can create beautiful deep finishes.  Using a sealer with the One-Step Paint will provide an even more durable, cleanable finish. This is a great solution for surfaces that need daily cleaning, such as kitchen cabinets.

How Do You Use One-Step Paint?

Now that you know some about the ingredients in One Step Paint, lets talk about how to use it. The chalk in chalk-based paint is heavy and it tends to settle to the bottom of the container.  It is important mix it well before you start.

First, if you purchase it from someone who has a paint shaker I would suggest that you have them shake it for 3 minutes 5 or 6 times.  This reduces the time you’ll spend mixing the paint later.   If not bring the can home and invert it for at least 30 minutes or overnight if you can.  This will get the chalk to start settling again.  When you are ready to start, open the can and stir well. Stir until there are no more lumps and all of the wonderful chalky bits are pulled up from the bottom of the can.  You can even use one of the paint stirrers on a drill.  If you don’t get the chalk stirred well it will seem watery, instead of thick, which won’t provide good coverage.

One-Step Paint dries quickly, so stir the top of the paint with your brush from time to time to keep a film from forming while you paint.  I have found that this is especially helpful in the warmer months.  Try to always work in long clean strokes with your brush for a more consistent finish.  It is also, very helpful to work on the wet edge of the paint to avoid any build up lines were you second coat a dry edge.

You can also use One-Step Paint as a base for spray lacquer, Toscana milk paint, Cracked Patina and Glazed Over.

Do I have to use a Finish or Sealer?

No, if you like the dead flat look then you can leave it as is, no sealer or wax.  You should be aware that any flat finish is easily bruised and will show marks where rubbed or hit. Also, we all have oils on our hands, which transfers easily to flat paint.  Customers regularly pick up my sample boards and touch them and after time it is hard to see the unfinished part of the sample.  It becomes hand rubbed and polished from the naturally occurring oils on our hands.

Where to Buy One-Step Paint

If you live in the Tulsa, OK area, you can find a selection of Amy Howard at Home at our booth at the Market at Walnut Creek, located 8281 S Harvard Ave, Tulsa, OK 74137. We offer a wide variety of products including One-Step Paint, High Performance Spray Lacquer, Antique Waxes, sealers, Mica Powders and so much more.

We also sell the Amy Howard at Home line in our online store. Looking for a product? Send us an email at chelle@curbsideoverhaul.com

How to Use One-Step Paint on outdoor projects

One important aspect of One-Step paint is how well it holds up, even in the crazy weather of Oklahoma.

We’ve done a couple of outdoor projects, such as the repurposed screen door garden trellis and these spring pots. Both are holding up great!

A few months later and our Amy Howard One-Step Paint is still going strong!

I hope this answers some questions for you.  If I didn’t answer your questions please let me know I am sure you are not the only one wondering and I would love to get you an answer.

One-Step Paint Video

What to do with One-Step Paint

Check out some of our favorite One-Step Paint projects!

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One-Step Paint is our favorite chalk-based paint. We want to answer all your questions, so you can also experience the magic of One-Step Paint!






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